Seven principles of a true holistic philosophy of science

In 2001 I have reformulated the “seven jewels” of wisdom into a more scientific form as seven postulates for the building of a holistic science.

A schematic overview of points of agreement between holistic and reductionist science

Holistic-spiritual paradigm

Reductionist paradigm, already shifting to second-order systems-theory


Law of dynamic equilibrium (from material to spiritual worlds)

(physiology, physics)

Systemic approach applicable to both paradigms

Law of cycles (on all levels, from elements to historic cycles).

Spiral Dynamics as a first sketch of development of value-systems.

Cycles are accepted from a materialist point of view. From periodic revolutions of planets to bio-rythms.

Many cycles are measurable. Additionally, statistical approach yields estimates of duration of cycles

Hierarchical structure of universe

Embeddedness. Small systems mirror larger structures to some degree.

Hierarchies are recognized to some extent. Groups, sets and subgroups/sets are known in math, physics, chemistry, etc. Also, consider cells, tissue, organs, organisms as hierarchies.

Structure, function, order are terms acceptable to scientists. Applicable to individual entities as well as complete systems of beings or ‘things’

Unique characteristic of each being (subtle pattern of vibration, archetype)

Ditto, to a certain extent: gene pattern, personality pattern.

Applicable from genes to resonance phenomena and to larger systems of populations, stars, etc. Unique wavelength of mass-particles

Progressive evolution.
Real evolution starts from within each being.
This doesn't deny influences from the environment.

Very limited view (increase of complexity in Darwinian evolution)

Considerable differences between esoteric point of view and scientific viewpoint.

Duality is basis for manifestation.

Domains of Fact and Value, irreducible to each other. John. G. Bennett's systematics

Fragmented view. Matter is energy. Wave/particle duality. Boson-fermion interaction.

Duality is recognized in the form of polarities (proton-electron, ions in cells, antagonisms (muscles), etc.

Unity in diversity.
Matter is crystallized spirit.

Intuited by great scientists

From unified fields to the "Divine Mind" : Such unified fields are the effluxes from Divine Beings, according to the great philosophers of old

Note: agreement is present to a considerable degree on the material level of existence. It has taken scientists centuries to arrive at the same conclusions as the old sages and philosophers, but scientists now must take a leap of faith to accept the holistic paradigm as more fit to explain the nature of man and the universe.
See my previous articles in this book for a fuller description of the esoteric aspects of this subject-matter. The scientific form of these postulates needs more study and development. If you want to contribute to it, you can find me through my blog at Tripod. You can comment on entries of my blog.

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